Jason Moore cares about sustainable, conscientious business models
Jason Moore cares about
Sustainable, Conscientious Business Models

Business should be built to last, not to solely grow profits—

While observing multiple economic disasters take place over the past 20 years, I realized that the catalyst for each has been one element of the business world. Profit. Ever-increasing profit. Too often the mission of building assets for shareholders, executives, and owners causes individuals to lose sight of what the entity is doing to the world, to the environment, economy, individuals, and our connection to something greater than ourselves. The resulting wars, pollution, and downturns in our economy affect people from the greatest sacrifices of life and culture—to extinction and lost habitats, requiring individuals and families to work another few years, not retiring at all, to a complete loss of savings and investments.

By advocating for business growth to sustainable levels and taking responsibility—not just for the world around them, but the people in them—we can influence positive change socially and environmentally. By purchasing from conscientious companies who demonstrate empathy within their practices and their brands we are investing in communities, people, and our planet with our wallets and our choices.

Where: Columbus, Ohio
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